Photo by Chris Locke

It is 2020 — the year of What’s Next?

Travel in 2020 requires creative planning and thoughtfulness amidst a pandemic. Hitting the road and visiting mostly isolated destinations formulated our plans for a long awaited vacation and quality time with our youngest son. We chose destinations that were unique, on…

Just like the Mississippi River, life is about change.

In the blink of an eye, something happens by chance — when you least expect it — sets you on a course that you never planned, into a future you never imagined. — Nicholas Sparks

Life changes course over time, routing…

I had an image in my mind of what South Dakota would look like. I wasn’t even close. Unlike my imagination, the NW corner of South Dakota was picture perfect. Rolling hills greeted us as we entered South Dakota from Wyoming. …

But what about the many ways we experience different types of death in a lifetime?

Not all deaths are final. Death does not often mean loss. And, we do not always experience grief. …

Small Space Living

Sometimes, you just need to say, “You’re in my space. I need some time alone. Some privacy”.

Imagine going from an 1800 sq. ft house to a 27’ Airstream. Full time. All the time. One-bedroom. One bath. One tiny living space. Two people.

During our forty-five years…

Karla Locke

My creative self needs an outlet, I do this with writing and photography and the occasional thought and opinion.

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