7 Reasons Florida is DANGEROUS

Karla Locke
5 min readJul 4, 2023

Whether Living in or Visiting Florida — A Newbie Perspective

Florida, like any other place, has its share of unique challenges and potential dangers — snakes, spiders, scorpions, bears, mosquitoes, alligators, the heat, hurricanes. Certainly, the “unknown” dangers or less commonly known risks can add an element of surprise for residents and visitors alike. Here are a few more less-known factors to consider.

  1. Food — Florida is a dangerous place for Foodies
    For food enthusiasts who adore culinary delights but adhere to a special diet, must be mindful of their food choices, or find it challenging to resist tempting treats, Florida poses a perilous temptation for foodies. After two years of living on the road in our Airstream, we have had the privilege to taste our way across thirty-four states and enjoy local cuisine. But in Florida, there is a diverse exposure to multicultural dishes, taking our taste buds on a true adventure and giving us a real appreciation for how other cultures eat. Florida is an international food pavilion of deliciousness — and it is so hard to resist.
    Feasting in Florida

2. Drinks — Alcohol or non-alcohol
In Florida, a vibrant array of cool and refreshing beverages awaits, catering to diverse tastes. Regardless of your preference for alcohol (personally, I abstain), the state boasts an impressive selection of unique drinks that would leave even the most accomplished mixologists green with envy.

Drinking plenty of water is a critical part of living (or visiting) Florida but give me a beach, a cool breeze, and a fruity drink and I am relaxed and happy.

The drinks in Florida are dangerously addictive, yet invigorating.

Cocktails that taste like a vacation.

Non- alcoholic Drinks for EVERYONE

3. Damn It’s Bright — my eyes have not seen the sun in years…
in Florida, sunglasses transcend mere fashion; they become a necessity to protect your eyes from the intense and potentially harmful brightness of the sun. The Floridian sun is relentless, and going without sunglasses feels like risking your eyesight. Perhaps my aversion to sunglasses stems from years of residing in the often overcast and grey environment of the Pacific Northwest, where my eyes grew accustomed to a sun-deprived existence. In Florida, however, the blinding sunshine has compelled me to reconsider the practicality of this accessory, making them more of a vital tool than a mere style choice.

With Florida’s low latitude, we get more UV radiation than the rest of the U.S.

4. Beaches — Some of the Best in the WORLD
It’s a marvel that productivity thrives in a state where a significant portion of the population resides in close proximity to some of the most stunning beaches globally. Florida, with its extensive 1350-mile coastline, proudly hosts 663 sunny beaches, many of which have garnered international acclaim, drawing thousands of visitors each year. The temptation to unwind on these sandy shores with a refreshing breeze, one of Florida’s renowned drinks in hand, and detach from the daily grind is ever-present. The sheer allure of these picturesque beaches transforms Florida into a perilous haven for those seeking to simply kick back and relax, making it challenging to resist the call of leisure against the backdrop of such natural beauty.

Florida’s Popular Beaches

5. Bird Watching
In Florida, before you realize it, you have been converted into a bird watcher. Florida isn’t solely a haven for Snowbirds escaping winter’s chill; it also stands out as a prime destination for an influx of migratory birds. The state offers a habitat teeming with lush vegetation, favorable climate conditions, and some of the finest accommodations globally, making it an ideal haven for these winged travelers. With its diverse ecosystems and welcoming environment, Florida becomes a sought-after stop for migratory birds seeking respite and sustenance during their journeys. The state’s commitment to preserving natural habitats and providing suitable conditions further solidifies its reputation as a top destination for a vibrant array of bird species on the move.

5 Spots for Some of the Best Birding in Florida

6. Fishing
You see them everywhere — Anglers and a line of fishing poles. All ages, both sexes, wherever there is water (and there is a lot of water) you will see someone casting a line. Just be careful where you fish, you are not the only fishing predator in the state.

Florida the #1 Fishing Capital

Not in my water — alligator chases a fisherman video

7. A Melting Pot of Cultures

We’re one better than a melting pot. Cultures don’t dissolve into one another here in Florida. They remain whole, creating a collage of ethnicity that represents the global community, with special emphasis on tropical latitudes and seaworthy heritage. — Culture in Florida

In Florida, I have noticed a beautiful blend of cultures which I find engaging, educational, and refreshing. There are still defined cultural areas like Tarpon Springs (Greek) and YBOR (Cuban) but for the most part, neighborhoods are a delightful blend of cultures.

In the winter months fold in a mix of Snowbirds, a pinch of Canadians (eh!), and a Sprinkle of RVers from around the country, and you have a generous helping of expanded diversity.

Florida may have its commonly known dangers, but it is the unknown dangers which add CHARM to the state of Florida.



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