With Gratitude

I hope we didn’t overstay our welcome…

Karla Locke
3 min readSep 8, 2022

Moochdocking — Parking your camper (rig) on friends or family property while you live in it, usually for free.

We needed to be back in Anacortes, WA for medical and dental appointments, some of which were going to take months to accomplish. This meant finding a long-term place for about three months, a somewhat difficult feat in some situations. We lucked out thanks to friends who had property with a full hook-up site on it.

We chose summertime since the Pacific Northwest is generally cooler and milder in climate during the summer months — and boy did we plan that right. While most of the country was overheating, we stayed fairly cool all summer. In fact, we ran the heat more often than the air conditioner. But then, in December we were in Florida running the air conditioner while many were running the heat. Talk about good timing.

We had access to a garden with fresh veggies sprouting once the weather warmed up a bit. I love the smell of fresh green beans and tomatoes.

There is a tiny house on the property, used for guest, it has a washer/dryer unit making the laundry chore not so much of a chore during the summer months.

We were able to hook up to a local internet company while here, giving us fast internet, without delays or interruptions. It is going to be hard to go back to the RV way of accessing the internet once we hit the road. So spoiled with streaming whenever we felt like it.

Best of all, Moochdocking came with entertainmentand a view. Everyday was a new adventure. Our friends were building a home on the property so each day we ventured out to see what was new. I would sometimes stand in their living room and take photos of the sunset, sending it to our friends so they could see what they missed. Or photograph a specific stage for them to remember it by. They have a wonderful dog, Jake, so Tony spent time playing with him. At night we could sometimes hear the “Who” of an owl or the far off yipping of coyotes.

The time also allowed us to complete some fun projects.

Surrounded by nature, and just off the water, it was the best place to hang out and chill.

It it with DEEP, DEEP Gratitude to our friends for letting us stay the summer while I healed. The downtime and location was relaxing and free of stress.

I just hope we didn’t overstay our welcome.

Scenes from around Anacortes, WA



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