Where To?

Karla Locke
3 min readDec 2, 2022

Sometimes Decisions Are Just TOO Hard

Life does not always cooperate, nor does it let us know what to do next.

It doesn’t tell us where to go, nor give us a hint.

It doesn’t always let us know — How to do it.

When we have too many choices, it only complicates an already complicated process.

Lost Dutchman State Park

We have been on the road, RVing around the country for almost two years now. We are ready for a home base. A place to settle down. A more permanent address. But, where? How? When?

There is so much to consider. We are limited by where we can afford to live. We are aging so healthcare will be a must at some point. Taxes is a big factor. Looking for a place with good livability. Sunshine is at the top of the list after years of living in the Pacific Northwest rain and grayness.

We don’t like crowds, so no large cities.

I cannot do winter — there goes most of the northern part of the country.

How on earth do people handle the heat?

We have visited 32 states, but most of them we did not get that homey feeling. Or the “this is it” feeling.

A few towns made it on our possibility list, but there was always a BUT.

There are a few states or areas which actually offer reasonable housing and decent cost of living, many we have yet to visit, so how do you we know we will like it there? Are they safe? Why are they so affordable when the rest of the country housing is going haywire?

I realized I was overthinking it. And, making excuses.

I had to analyze why was I having such a hard time making a choice. Top of my list was moving far from family. Next, it had been a long time since we made such a major choice, and moving away from what you know is a BIG choice. Then I had to remind myself we had just made a BIG choice when we sold it all and hit the road in the Airstream.

If I was honest with myself, I also had to admit I was a afraid. As I have aged, my ability to handle adventures or unknowns does not come as easy as it did when I was younger. I felt like I was making a FINAL decision.

Then there is always the fear — Am I making the right decision?

What if what we pick, I discover it’s not all that? That I don’t like it there?

There is no perfect place. But, if RVing has taught me anything, nothing has to be permanent.

If we make the wrong decision, so what. We can change it.

RVing is an ADVENTURE and a lot of CHANGE, so obviously I am not so OLD I cannot handle it.

As for the fear — there is always fear in life. Face it. Breathe. Then discover it is not as scary as you thought it was. And, if it is, don’t do that again.

And, family — well they will just have to visit. :-)

Sometimes Decisions Are Just TOO Hard, but most of the time it is because we make them too hard.



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