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The Seven Feathers Casino RV Resort Kind…

Karla Locke
7 min readJun 26, 2021

When we started this adventure, we had BIG plans. We found an Airstream that already had solar panels on it, we upgraded the batteries, we “practiced” boondocking, but the most we would last was two days. We watched countless videos on boondocking. I started a list of places we would like to visit and boondock.

We were going to sleep under the STARS.

The reality…I don’t think we are quite ready to give up our luxuries — like hot showers, at least not just yet.

We started this venture back in February when we first brought Betty Jo (the Airstream) home. We found a close-to-home RV park with full hook-ups and proceeded to learn ‘how’ to live in an RV. I enjoyed the RV park we were in, the Swinomish Casino and Lodge RV Park in Anacortes, WA. It was a great place to learn more about living in an RV, the staff was great and so patient with us. And we had a nice view each day. It was a great start.

Swinomish Casino and Lodge and RV Park

We then took our first Maiden Voyage (meaning we left home) and based on the advice of many in the Facebook groups, I booked us into a couple of state parks, Grayland Beach State Park in WA, and Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon. In between them, we stayed at Lewis and Clark Golf Course and RV Park. To be honest, I enjoyed the RV park more than roughing it in the state parks. But, to be fair, it was April, and still chilly, and the state parks have a lot of trees, so not much sun.

Fort Stevens State Park, Oregon — Grayland Beach State Park in WA — Lewis and Clark RV Park in Astoria, Oregon

Since that time, we hit the road again in May and decided to splurge once in a while and stay at a more resort-like RV park and it was those parks, those moments, I have enjoyed the most. They have been locations where I felt the most comfortable and just really wanted to ‘hang out’ and just enjoy the park.

Our first resort-like RV Park was Bay Point Landing in Coos Bay, Oregon. I felt like I was home and I wished we could have stayed longer and enjoyed the park more, but with only a few days reserved, we had a lot of places to see and things to do.

I find what I like most about these parks, is not so much the amenities (though they are nice), but the way they lay out the parks, the thoughtful consideration for navigating, and their customer service, the kind of customer service you get in the hospitality industry in most of the nicer hotels.

Bay Point Landing is such a park. Wide interior roads, well laid out, great staff, peaceful location, spacious sites with full hook-ups, and nice amenities. Within hours of the sand dunes and other great places to explore on the Oregon coast.

Bay Point Landing in Coos Bay, Oregon
Take the scenic drive along Hwy 540, aka Cape Arago Hwy

Our second, resort-like location was Jackson Rancheria Casino RV Resort in Jackson, California. Like, Bay Point Landing, it was well laid out, easy to navigate, spacious sites, exceptionally clean, and a wonderful staff. It also had a great walking/biking trail that surrounded the park, perfect for getting some exercise. This location was high in the hills providing a scenic and relaxing location. The casino shuttle ran about every 20 minutes to the casino and the convenient store/gas station.

Our third, resort-like location is nothing short of fabulous.

You see their billboards along I-5 as you cruise through southern Oregon, thanking everyone for voting them #1 with Trip Advisor. Friends with RVs all say the same thing, “I love Seven Feathers RV Resort.”

Now that we have stayed here, I can see why and wholeheartedly agree.

Seven Feathers RV Resort

Conveniently located off of I-5 (exit 99), you are nestled in a canyon-like park in the midst of peaceful tranquility. Delightful to say the least. When you look at the RV park map, it looks large and overwhelming, but once inside you have room between you and your neighbor, easy to navigate interior roads (important for us newbies) and space to breathe.

Seven Feathers RV Resort

The hook-ups (in the pull-through sites) are conveniently located in the middle, in fact, they offer two (yes, two) sewer hook-ups, sometimes necessary for Class A RVs (and Class A RVS love Seven Feathers.)


As a newbie, after seeing their back up sites, I feel confident that even we could do that. Though, I still enjoy pull-through sites more.

Back end sites at Seven Feathers RV Resort

The amenities are fabulous — indoor swimming pool and hot tub, fitness room, two exceptional laundry rooms (laundry room 1 even has an ironing board), nice playground for the kids, a fenced pet area, and social gathering spots located throughout.

Indoor pool and hot tub, fenced pet area, children’s playground
Social Gathering Areas

When you check in, one of their helpful staff members will lead you to your site and answer any questions you may have. If you want to visit the casino, just call for a shuttle and it will come right to your site. We don’t gamble, but this casino has some great restaurants and live entertainment.

Check in office

We were here during heat wave weather but being nestles in between hillsides and the trees, we never really got too hot or uncomfortable. The evenings would cool down and everyone would be sitting outside enjoying the breeze and company of others.

Betty Jo (the Airstream) settle comfortably into her spot.

Conveniently located at the entrance is a large Sinclair gas station with large RV lanes and high overheads, clearly marked and next to the semi-truck lanes. Also in this location is a small convenience store.

Most RVs seem to use Seven Feathers as a stop off point, staying for a night or three, but for us, it was a great place to stop and just relax for a while and feel grounded.

I, along with so many others, highly recommend Seven Feathers RV Resort.

All three parks had great cell service, we use a hotspot for our internet so we did not really experience their internet.

What kind of RVer am I? Apparently the kind that needs a mix of luxury/convenience and an ease-into-it camping type of RVer. My BIG dreams haven’t died, they just need to be slowly introduced into our lifestyle, once we really get the hang of this, who knows?

Take the scenic HWY 138 out of Roseburg, Oregon to Crater Lake for a day trip while staying at Seven Feathers.



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