Seventeen Days, Eight States, and One Son

When a family of photographers travel together — Road Trip 2020

Photo by Chris Locke

Our first Destination

The southern Rockies in Colorado. Our son lives in Colorado and we live in Washington state. We had planned a slow leisurely four-day drive to Durango, Colorado where we would meet up with our son.

The Highway Just outside of Pendelton, Oregon

The highlights of our four days in this region:

  1. Our first day, we drove along the Million Dollar Highway between Silverton and Ouray. This drive is not for the faint at heart — winding curves, steep drops and high mountains, keep drivers on their toes and their knuckles white. Ouray is considered the Swiss Alps of the Rockies, I could understand that sentiment as we dropped down into the valley in which it is located. Surrounded by high mountains, this adorable town was filled with tourist on a warm sunny Tuesday. Our favorite town was Silverton though. A small town in a wide valley, a town which looks like it is stuck in time — charming, old, and simple.
Our son driving along the Million Dollar Highway
Silverton and Ouray, Colorado
Aspen Trees on Last Dollar Road
Lowry Pueblo and Hovenweep National Monument

It was time to move onto our next location — Page, Arizona

We only had a couple of days in this location so our goal was to make them count. The only must for us in the area was Horseshoe Bend at Sunset. Like so many photographers we had to add this to our bucket list. We arrived approximately two hours before sunset, the goal was to survey the area and reserve the best spot to achieve the iconic star-burst sunshine shot over Horseshoe Bend. It was worth the two-hour wait.

Sunset at Horseshoe Bend
Vermillion Cliffs Scenic Highway,
Toadstool Hoodoos
Old Gunsmoke Movie Set — What is left of it
The Paria Mountains (Rainbow Mountains)
Forest Gump Hill

Moab, Utah

We had three days in the Moab area, not nearly enough time to enjoy what the area has to offer.

Turret Arch
Mesa Arch — Photo by Chris Locke

Night Skies In Arches National Park

We finished off this day with night skies at Arches National Park, capturing stars above Windows and Turret Arch. This was truly the best way to enjoy nature at her best.



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