Full-Time RV Life — You Are Living the Dream…

But Whose Dream?

Airboat Ride in the Florida Everglades

I am often told I am living the dream. When they say that I think, — whose dream do they think we are living?

When we decided to RV full-time, it was after watching others on YouTube, the reality is that was their dream —yet I just wanted to be like them. This is often the case when we watch others doing something we think we want to do.

There is so much more to this “dream” than just traveling and adventure.

The real dream includes chores like — laundry, grocery shopping, mopping floors, puttering around the house, maintenance, making the bed, fixing meals. It has daily chores just like any other life and home.

This “dream” encompasses many components, many of which are just like any other daily life. But it also introduces new components that needs to be considered when thinking about joining the many others on the road.


1. Having a home. The cost of living in many locations are so cost prohibitive now. Many of us cannot afford to buy a home anymore. Rent is through the roof. Our Tiny House (Betty Jo — the Airstream) is home, she provides shelter and most of what we need.

2. Flexibility. I am of an age where I really need to be a snowbird especially for health reasons, but I am not ready to commit to just any location. This lifestyle affords me the flexibility to change locations during seasons and test the environment to see if it provides some relief. It also allows us flexibility during the seasons to be somewhere that may have milder weather. This winter, instead of grey skies and rain in the PNW (our usual winter) we are giving snowbirding a try in Florida. The sun, the warmth, the beaches, the palm trees are just what the soul ordered and I have found my flock.

3. Travel. RV Life was the only solution that made sense when it came to venturing to places we have always wanted to see or experience. This was the dream for us. Our main reason for giving this lifestyle a chance. It was also this reason we created and expanded our Bucket List once we hit the road. It provided opportunities we never even dreamed of. It has taken us places and on journeys we could not even imagine.

Are we living the dream? Yes, we are living our dream, but we are also living just like everyone else, it just happens that our home moves.

Consider what your dream really is when contemplating this lifestyle, make sure it is your dream, not someone else’s.



My creative self needs an outlet, I do this with writing and photography and the occasional thought and opinion.

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Karla Locke

My creative self needs an outlet, I do this with writing and photography and the occasional thought and opinion.