Full-Time RV Life — You Are Living the Dream…

Airboat Ride in the Florida Everglades
  • If you have dreamed of being an electrical and mechanical engineer, then Rving is for you. It is part of the dream.
  • If your dream was to be like a Truck Driver and hit the the road, RVing is for you.
  • If your dream is to become an outdoor chef, fixing scrumptious meals by the campfire, then this is definitely the life for you.
  • Did you ever dream of being a Travel Agent? You have to be when RVing. You will often spend hours on the computer doing research, making reservations, planning your route.
  • How about an Event Planner? Someone has to coordinate events, entertainment, things to do.
  • Did you want to be a school teacher? If you have kids, more than likely you will be home schooling.
  • How about a mover? Packing up your home and moving — sometimes daily.
  • Getting to know your family members “really” well in such a tiny space, including things you prefer not to know. :-)
  • Many think this is an inexpensive lifestyle, but for many it is not as inexpensive as you may think.
  • Freedom. Ahhhh, that’s what I thought, too. There is some freedom to this lifestyle, but in a crowded market with many parks filling fast, it is not as free and flexible as one might think.
  • Changing neighbors. Don’t like your neighbors? Just wait, they will change.


1. Having a home. The cost of living in many locations are so cost prohibitive now. Many of us cannot afford to buy a home anymore. Rent is through the roof. Our Tiny House (Betty Jo — the Airstream) is home, she provides shelter and most of what we need.



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Karla Locke

Karla Locke


My creative self needs an outlet, I do this with writing and photography and the occasional thought and opinion.