Did Trump Bring About Change?

Karla Locke
2 min readJul 11, 2020


During the 2016 election, someone I respect said they were voting for Trump. When asked why, they responded with, “I am hoping he’ll bring about change.” This is a smart, well-educated person. Then on a Facebook post recently, a retired military person thanked Trump for the changes he has brought to America.

At first I was flabbergasted but then I thought about it and I could kind of see why they would think that. But it’s not really change he has brought about — it is more like awareness.

Trump represents what is some of the worst parts of America, of society in general.

He even exploits it — the greed, government corruption, vile racism, lawlessness, sexism, lies, and more.

His candid openness and blatant disregard for mankind and the law has opened our eyes to the underlying threats simmering in America.

He has encouraged the breeding of hate and violence, showing us the true colors hidden in our cities, small towns, even our neighborhoods.

Trump, and the pandemic, have lifted the veil of all government agencies from the top down, exposing them and showing us how corrupt our systems really are. Are there good people in government? Of course there are, they are just overshadowed by all of the corruptness and greed.

Has Trump made America Great? Hell, no!!! He has made America the worst it could ever be. But he not entirely at fault. We helped. We are just as responsible — after all we are allowing it to happen.

Has he brought about change? Not for the better. But he has made us more aware.

It is time for all that is good and right about America and her people to take the United States of America BACK!!!! Before it is too late.

It is time to HEAL her. Not to make her great, but to make her GOOD and DECENT and JUST again.

It is time to UNITE her — with her people, the world, and what she truly represents.

It is time for her to be RESPONSIBLE and DEDICATED to her people, to the world, to the Constitution.

It is time to SHOW the REAL United States of America, not this vile, hateful, fake country.

Will the REAL U.S.A please come back and STAND UP!!! Stand up for justice, for truth, for freedom, for a better America.

Make a real change this election. Vote for the U.S.A. we should be, not what the politicians tells us they want it to be.

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