Being Reliable Is So DAMN Exhausting

Every family has one, every community has one, every workplace has one — a RELIABLE person. The one person everyone counts on. The one person everyone knows will get shit done. The one person who we all rely upon.

The one that does the most work, takes cares of everything, volunteers the most, never says NO.

We trust reliable people, we need reliable people, we depend heavily on reliable people. They are what keeps the wheels turning.

But, do we appreciate reliable people?

We often take for granted all that they do. We often abuse their kindness, their compassion. We might exploit their resourcefulness. We mishandle their integrity. We take advantage of their connections. And, we ignore their humbleness.

Always investing into others… but who is looking out for you? There are some things you need to hear when you’re tired of always being the strong one for everyone else. — When you’re tired of being the strong one.

Reliable, responsible people are just that — people. They also need a shoulder to cry on, someone to help when everything is piling up and feels overwhelming. But unlike others, they just don’t ask for help, or dump their problems or workload on others. They hold it all in and keep on saying, “yes.”

There are a lot of articles on ‘how’ not to be taken advantage of. But what about the people who ‘take’ advantage of these reliable people?

Yes, there can be situations where people start taking advantage of you, and you will not be able to understand how to stop letting people take advantage of you. — How to To Stop Letting People Take Advantage Of You?

Reliable people are often quiet and probably introverted. They may be reliable and often helpful because it gives them a sense of belonging. Find ways to engage or include them, without adding to their list of things to do.

Offer to help. This should be a no brainer.

Reward them with something special, other than more work. Maybe a gift of thanks, a gift certificate to something they would enjoy. Better yet, a down-day, a day to themselves.

Recognize them, not just with praise or a meaningless, Thank You! Show them true appreciation for all they do.

Notice them and notice their accomplishments. Give them credit for all their hard work. Also, pay attention to their time. Time is a valuable commodity. When we rely on reliable people we are sucking up their time and filling it with the tasks we should or could be doing ourselves.

Ask politely, but don’t expect. Reliable people have a hard time saying no. Often, they will hesitate before answering. Take that hesitation as a hint that they are already overwhelmed, recognize it, then thank them without laying a guilt trip on them, and offer to find another solution.

We may need reliable people, but being reliable is so DAMN exhausting. Do your part and make sure to give reliable people a break.

Photo by Tiago Bandeira on Unsplash



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